Subject Events and changing IP addresses
Author cg_bland
Hi there,

This problems is FB1.03, Win2k (SP2 in my case, but we see the same
problem elsewhere).

We have an application that is client server, but which has "server
applications" that exist on the database machine. We are using events
within these processes.

These are started as SYSTEM user. Originally we were using local
connections, but when we started running them under system, we had
connection problems, so after some rummaging in the groups, we
started using network names.

We are running into problems if the IP address of the machine changes
(e.g. a dialup occurs, or DHCP lease change). It can be provoked by
simply changing the IP of the machine whilst it is running. I have
noticed some posts alluding to network card binding and events.
Essentially, ibserver usage goes to 100%, and the processes cease
receiving events, although they seem to remain connected - killing
them generates a 10054 error, and also calms ibserver.

Our local processes are specifically given "localhost" in their
connection string, we have tried explicitly using as well,
but it seems to make no difference.

Any ideas what might be happening here, or how to prevent it? This
application can be deployed on laptops, so this is causing problems!