Subject inputting a script created by isql -e
Author noparkinginthisarea
I'm trying to extract a script to define a database, both with isql.
That is, "isql /database.gdb -e -u blarg -p blarg -o test.sql"
followed by "isql /database.gdb -u blarg -p blarg -i test.sql" or
something very similar.
I find that unless I manually insert another "commit work ^" between
the create procedure and alter procedure portions, it drops out with
either broken pipe or a seg fault (depending on whether I use an rpm
or gentoo's portage to install the FirebirdSS).
Everything upto the stored procedures is created successfully in the
database but no further unless I manually alter this file.
This sort of feels like some kind of buffer limit is being hit since
the commit allows it to continue. Can someone suggest why isql isn't
able to import it's own extract and what I might do to fix it without
manually altering the exported script

Matt Clark