Subject Problem with Firebird 1.0 with BDE components in COM+ applications
Author nikos lazidis
We tried a simple COM+ application using Firebird 1.0 with Delphi 7 BDE
components , namely TQuery, TDatabase, TDataSetProvider contained in an
Transactional Datamodule in the server application and a TClientDataSet and
TDataSource in the client with a TDbgrid to display the data.

Data seemed to be displayed OK but when any change was made and we called
TClientDataSet.ApplyUpdates(..) method a message was displayed the
following exception
'Dllost.exe - Application error' - The instruction at '.....' referenced
memory at '.....'. The memory could not be read' .

and when we clicked the 'OK' button another message was displayed 'The
remote procedure call failed'.

Has anyone come across that problem. I would be obliged if your could give
us some help.

Thank you very much

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