Subject Problem with FB Super Server on a single Xeon Processor with HT enabled
Author Marco Lauria
Hello All,
I encountered a problem with my IBO application and DBak from Geoff Worboys.
First of All I tell you that I setup the CPU Affinity correctly and that
the server is running only on one processor.

Both DBAK and my application pumps data from a Database to another Database
using TCP/IP connections
on "localhost".

When I start data pumping both CPUs utilizations are 0, but the program is
really really slow (pumps data at 6-16 rows / sec).
If I run the programs using local connections or disabling HT the program
runs at almost (2800-3000 rows/sec).
If I run the programs using FB 1.5 RC6 Classic Server it runs normally fast.

Geoff use the same program using a Dual Xeon with HT enabled so with four
virtual processors and everything runs ok
so we think the problem is related to the use of a Single Processor with HT.

THe strange thing is that if I run the program on another machine accessing
the two dbs on the Xeon
the program runs normally.

This last fact let me think that it's not an FB- Related problem, but the
fact that using Classic Edition everything
runs correctly let me think the opposite.....

Anyone here has any idea?

If we have this sort of problem with single Xeons or single P4 with HT we
should mention it in the Release Notes.

P.S. we both use Windows XP with latest SP and latest patches applied.