Subject "Invalid Request Handle" with stored procedures
Author pg_waspy
Hey all.
I'm just getting started with this here Firebird, and I've setup a
bunch of stored procedures to do various searches, etc. When I use
these SPs in ISQL, they work normally.

When I try and call the SPs from my VB application, I get an
error: "Message length error (encountered 0, expected 64)"
or "Invalid request handle", depending on how I word the query
(forget the ";") I'm accessing the database via the latest ODBC
driver at IBPhoenix. So, I figure it's the ODBC driver.

Not so fast! IBOConsole also gives the same "Invalid request handle"
in its own ISQL tool, which is set to local - and therefore not over

Has anyone else had a problem with "Invalid request handle"
or "Message length error"? Any suggesstions?

Thanks in advance,