Subject Re: [firebird-support] Minimal FB install for local app use?
Author Daniel Rail

At September 10, 2003, 21:31, Chuck Belanger wrote:
> I found on an embedded server version in a zip file and
> downloaded it.

> What is an "embedded server?"

The embedded server is a DLL that is almost the same as FBServer.exe.
The only differences are:
- The embedded server is for single-user applications.
- Since the embedded server is a DLL, your application loads the DLL
when it needs it and unloads it when it's done with it. So, there's
no application running other than your application with its

> What is a "RC?"

Release Candidate.

> I guess what I really want for the users of the utility that I'm creating is not
> to have FB loaded and running whenever their computer is booted, like IB does
> for a program I use associated with a medical device I use. Does the embedded
> server allow for this?

Yes it does, since the embedded server is a DLL that your application
loads when it needs it and unloads it when no longer needed.

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