Subject Users with embedded Firebird 1.5
Author kwdavids
I don't quite understand what's happening with Firebird embedded

I started with an existing Firebird (1.0x) database. I uninstalled
Firebird 1.0, and installed 1.5 embedded. I was then unable to sign
on as a user other than SYSDBA that was in the old security database
and had ROLE-based access to the table. OK so far. Next I did some
GRANTs to the user that failed and then I could then use the database
with that user (any password). This much I understand since embedded
Firebird doesn't user the security database, but enforces SQL

What I don't understand is that when I copied the database to another
computer along with the Firebird dll, I got messages saying the user
or password was invalid when I tried to sign on the same way I did on
the first computer.

Why is that? Thanks,