Subject FB is so easy to do on linux
I dont know anything about Linux.
Just asked my friend to set up Red Hat 8.0 on an old machine. Ran the rpm for Classic server 1.03 with 32 Bit I/O closely following the release notes and it was ready to roll.

My advise to people hesitating. Try it, its easy.

However two questions.

1. Services API not implemented. That's Ok will use gbak. But how about 1.5 classic. Does it implement the services API ?

2. Suppose I wanted to use a Linux Server exclusively for FB. What is necessary. My friend kept asking do you need this, do you need that and I said I dont know. Obviously all the KDE, Gnome stuff can be avoided. (I did avoid it. It was an old machine with 32 MB ram so it is command line only.)

So if I had to ask my friend to install Red Hat 8.0 on another machine what should I say yes for.

That sounds as if my question is Red Hat specific and based on the installer. But I just want broad guidelines which will work with all linuxes. for e.g. you need TCP/IP services installed.

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