Subject RE: [firebird-support] Daily Maintenance Task for Firebird
Author Alan McDonald
> Just want to check out what are the daily maintenance tasks needed to
> maintain firebird database. Currently I am running 'gbak -B -g'
> database once a day, and alter index inactive/active. Are them good
> enough to maintain the performance of the database ?
> chooi

I wouldn't rebuild my indexes once a day. Maybe as an ad hoc thing if you
feel something is wrong with performance but if you backup and restore your
db every 3 to six months you'll be rebuilding everything anyway.
If it's hosted on W32 then make sure forced writes is turned on.
If the backup/restore cycle is too costly (down time) then rebuilding
indexes is an alternative but it won't cure any ills (in my experience).
Ultimately you need to schedule in the backup/restore cycle and make your
uses get used to having this down time on a regular basis.
You can, on a more regular basis, do a backup, then restore to another copy
of the database to ensure that no errors in the restore cycle are appearing.
This copy can be deleted after an error-free restore. Ultimately, with
forced writes on in W32 on not on =nix, the server has always been extremely
reliable for me.