Subject Re[2]: [firebird-support] Choice of Penguin homes
Author Carlos H. Cantu
My site is hosted by a provider running Cobalt. FB 1.0 is running there
with no problems.

FireBase -

LS> Peter,

>> I have 3 questions
>> 1/ Are there any problems with the above distributions
>> with Firebird 1.5

LS> Not as long as you install a recent distro, there are some reported
LS> problems installing on older versions.

>> 3/ I have noticed on ebay lots of cobalt Raq systems for a
>> good price are these a suitable platform for Firebird hosting ?

LS> As I recall, the Cobalt/RAQ units run their own 'unique' version of
LS> linux which has some 'limitations' -- I don't recall the exact details,
LS> perhaps others can provide them.

LS> Sean