Subject Choice of Penguin homes

I am looking at finally taking the plunge and converting my old Dell 333 to linux.

The intention is to run it as a file server and a firebird server and gain experience of Linux.

Ultimately once I have enough experience I plan to host firebird on a remote adsl 1Mbit connection.

I have narrowed down the choice of distributions to Redhat,Debian and Suse.

I would like to configure the server remotely to get used to this method for when I am supporting my remote adsl server.

I have 3 questions

1/ Are there any problems with the above distributions with Firebird 1.5

2/ Which of the above is best for remote configuration (I assume I need the pro distribution in each case)

3/ I have noticed on ebay lots of cobalt Raq systems for a good price are these a suitable platform for Firebird hosting ?

Thanks In advance.



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