Subject RE: [firebird-support] Firebird bandwidth monitoring
Author Nigel Weeks
Just use any network analysis program:
MRTG does little graphs
Many firewalling systems have byte counters - just put a rule in for the
specific port, and you're away:

Example for ipfw(FreeBSD, some linux's), done on server
remember to do counts before any allows or deny's - or you'll miss packets
Lets say server is, and has an eth0 interface
Clients are -

#This rule counts packets leaving the server's interface on the firebird
ipfw add 500 count ip from,3050 to any out via eth0

#This rule count packets arriving at the server's interface on the firebird
ipfw add 510 count ip from any to,3050 in via eth0

# Add rules to see traffic to a specific machine(
ipfw add 520 count ip from,3050 to out via eth0

# see the counters at any time(as root)
ipfw show

# Reset the counters for Firebird analysis
ipfw zero 500
ipfw zero 510
`ipfw zero` without a rule number will zero all counters - dangerous if you
need the other counts for other monitors

Just look at the counters at regular intervals(or get cron to do it), and
you'll work out how much data you're using.

You can even simulate slow modem links over any sized connection, to
simulate real-world usage.
Do a `man ipfw` for heaps more info.

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> Are there any utilities available to monitor bandwidth usage for users
> connected to a firebird database?
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