Subject Re: how stable is FB re SPs ?
Author Peppe Polpo
--- In, "Alexander V.Nevsky"
<ded@h...> wrote:

> Strange. I use mainly WISQL too and if I
> a) alter second-level procedure and call first-level one in the
> connection
> b) commit after each move
> changes are always seen at once. Perhaps SuperServer (which I
> you use)

I did the last tests on Windows 98, with FB WI-V6.2.794 .

I just did the tests once more (just to be sure) and committed after
every single step.

Still I get 1 as a result instead of 2.

I use WISQL V 4.2.1 .

I repeated the steps in FB SS on Linux and had the same results.

The only way I can see the expected result is to disconnect and re-
connect to the database.

Best regards

Peppe Polpo