Subject Re: [firebird-support] How standard is the stored procedure language?
Author Ann Harrison
Mark Patterson wrote:

>One of the points raised during a recent meeting for selecting databases was
>what if we need to find someone to maintain the app, including stored
>procedures. That was highlighted as a weak spot in the compatibility of
>different database systems.
>Does anyone know how much FS's stored procedure language is like that of other
>RDBMS? Is that sort of thing covered by SQL 92?
The Firebird stored procedure language (sometimes call PSQL) is
somewhat like the stored procedure languages of Oracle, Sybase, and
Microsoft SQL Server - except that it's not used for data definition and
doesn't start or end transactions. None of them follows any standard.
Our language is very simple - SQL with extra constructs for loops,
conditionals, and error handling. Any programmer who knows SQL should
be able to pick up the Firebird procedure language quickly.