Subject stuck
Author octopushole
a FB SS 1.03 database was uncorrectly uploaded to a Linux remote
server where a given UDF (say function X) had no proper definition in
a .so file.

I tried to modify the only procedure that used X (say procedure P),
but the "alter procedure" command returned the error message

unsuccessful metadata update
-invalid request BLR at offset 52
-function X is not defined
-module name or entrypoint could not be found

I had to download the whole database to a Windows server where
function X was defined, modify procedure P, then upload the server

This had to be done during the night, when fortunately no user was
attached to the Linux server.

This was the only way I could fix the problem.

I wonder why FB needs to stick its nose into the involved UDFs when
the "alter procedure" command is issued...

Did I miss a much easier safety path ?