Subject Re: Firebird DB slow on 1st transaction.
Author Aage Johansen
On Sun, 31 Aug 2003 20:40:15 +0000 (UTC), mrqzzz wrote:

> With some databases Firebird (but also Interbase), the very first "begin
> transaction" after a system boot takes plenty of time (even 2 minutes or
> more, depending on the database).
> During this phase, Firebird is freezed, and *any* other
> connection/operation is snozed, until the 2 minutes (or more) have
> passed. In the meanwhyle the Hard disk of the server running Firebird is
> very very busy.
> The databases causing this have no particular structure (some even have
> no blob fields), and the size is rather small : 20 or 30 Mb.
> The freeze happens on any machine running Firebird (Win9x,Win2K,WinXP)
> even with 1Gb Ram.
> After the freeze, everything works fine and fast.
> After all connections to the DB that had caused the freeze are closed,
> other incoming connections+transactions on that DB happen fast as they
> should, except some rare cases where the freeze happens again (perhaps
> after a long time after the last connection to that DB was closed)
> I understand this can be an acceptable issue (just wait these 2 minutes,
> go take a coffee..) but i have some cases where it's not.
> Any suggestions?

Does it happen every time?
Also if you:
1. Boot
2. Connect (and wait!), and disconnect.
3. Boot (again)
4. Connect

Since it also happens on Win2k and Win9x, it cannot be the usual XP problems.
Could it be sweep activity?
What is your page size, and number of cache pages?

Why do you boot the server? Was it an unexpected stop (crash), or a
sceduled stop. If you stopped the (IB) server in a controlled way, please
look for indication of problems in the header page statistics.
Exactly which versions of IB and Fb are you using here?

Aage J.