Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: (Att. Alan McDonald) Firebird DB slow on 1st transaction.
Author Daniel Rail

At August 31, 2003, 22:44, Alan McDonald wrote:

>> The 2 minutes delay is on a 250 Mb database.
>> The DB i sent you delays for about 20/30 seconds on 1st transaction
>> after boot.
>> My servres are reliable also. Never lost a byte in the last 6 years.
>> > I have tested your db and there is nothing unusual about the
>> connection or
>> > transaction time - so maybe someone else has some ideas.
>> Q : Do you experience the 20/30 secs delay after a reboot with the
>> DB i sent you ?

> You say you have a lot of disk activity - what RAM do you have on the server
> machines?

He did mention that he tried it on a system with 1GB RAM. I would be
interested what other applications are running alongside Firebird
(i.e.: anti-virus software, firewall, etc...). If there's an
anti-virus application running that might be checking the database
file when it Firebird accesses it the first time, and subsequently the
disk writes. My clients reported better performance when the
anti-virus wasn't checking the database file, on access.

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