Subject Some Basic ?s
Author H.I.S Developer
Hello All,
I am developing a small document management system, in which I will be
storing any king of document in BLOB fields.
I don't know what will be the size of the each document, the total size the
DB will grow. But I have decided to use Embedded Firebird.
Now my main worries are:

1.Should I split the DB. If so how?
2.What should be the BLOB segment size? I don't know how big the documents
that will be stored.
3.Any other factor which I should take in to account before building the DB
and the application.

This happens to be my first venture in Firebird and Delphi, I wish to listen
to you experts and the start.

4.How to fetch a n th row in a table (or in a SELECT statement)(For Eg. The
student whose rank is 22)
5.For a DB which is more than 500MB, 20 on-line users what should be the
server RAM(We use 512 MB).