Subject GDS Exception. index unexpectedly deleted problem
Author Nikolay Ivanchev
Hi All
Error is "org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBSQLException: GDS Exception. index unexpectedly deleted"
jaybird JDBC Driver 1.0.1, FirebirdSQL 1.0.2

I recieve this error when I try to delete a row in a database
I have 2 tables - instruments and reminders
reminderis is one to many in relationship with instruments,
in other words it contains instrument_id which is foreign key constraint to
lets say
-------------------- -------------------
(PK) ID---------------------\ (PK) ID
NAME ------------------< (FK) INSTRUMENT_ID
ONE-TO-MANY Relashionship
When FOREIGN KEY contraint is set ON DELETE CASCADE I got this error
when constraint is not set to do any particular action (IOW to restrict deleting)
it works like charm.
However I have used this ON DELETE CASCADE with many projects... so what is the problem?
I have already posted this message to jaybird group and I have been advised to ask here.


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