Subject Re: Why is Windows slow opening some FB/IB DBs ?
Author mrqzzz

> what connection components are you using?

I am using latest IBX.

> I have been using IB/FB for some 8 years now and I only ever experienced
> this connection slowness in IB4.0/4.2 via the BDE connection. Since
> using either IBX or IBO, connection times are millisecond (for ODBC)
to sub
> second for general applicatoin work duration.
> Also - are you making just a connection? i.e. database component
> active=True/False/True? Or are you making connection plus query (or
> conversely) query open forcing connection and query active?
> Alan

The hangup happens just connecting The TIBDatabase.
Also 3rd party apps (IBAdmin) hang upon connection.

Any other ideas?