Subject Why is Windows slow opening some FB/IB DBs ?
Author mrqzzz

> do not ever use netbeui, use pure tcp/ip

I am using TCP.
It's not a network issue, and it's not a Windows XP issue (the same
problem raises on Win95,98,Me,2000,XP), also the machine has 1Gb Ram.

What happens is this: when ANY version of Firebird (up to 1.5, but
also the old IB before FB started) under WINDOWS ONLY connects for the
first time (that is : there are no other users connected) to some
specific databases (even if fixed,sweeped, backed up & restored), the
connection can take up to 2 minutes, the disk seems really busy, and
the CPU shows "Idle :99%".
Databases size is rather small : from 10 to 40 Mb, there are no
particular structures, no blobs just some PKs and FKs.
Actually i had this problem on various DBs ever since 4 years ago
(when FB was still IB).
After the first connection is done, all further connections happen in
a jiffy.

After you close all connections to that DB, and even restart Firebird,
re-opening the first connection to it OCCASIONALLY takes up the few
minutes again. It seems that Windows prepares some cache or something
and the disk keeps busy for 2 minutes. Actually the Task Manager shows
no particular activity: the CPU and memory size of tasks does not
change significantly.

My customers are, of course, unsatisfied...
What the hell is Windows doing when connecting ?!?!?

Please don't answer me "use Linux".For varous reasons, i cannot use it