Subject Re: Sweeping vs. backup & restore
Author m_j_mastrangelo

Thanks for your response. That article answered most of my
questions. It looks like doing a backup and restore convers all my
bases. Just one thing I wasn't clear on though: the article refers
to "sweeping" and "garbage collecting" as if they are two separate
operations. The gfix program, however, would lead one to believe
that they are the same thing. Here's its description for the -sweep

-sweep force garbage collection

What's the difference between sweep and garbage collect, if any?

Thanks again.


--- In, "Artur Anjos" <artur@a...>
> Matt,
> > My question is: do I need to be concerned with sweeping if I am
> > running a backup/restore regularly?
> Take a look:
> This article will answer all your questions.
> Artur