Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: backup is corrupt
Author Daniel Rail

At August 25, 2003, 11:08, Richard wrote:
> The problem is on fb 1.5 too not only 1.0.

The backup process doesn't check at 100% the integrity of the database
it is backing up. The restore process does all the integrity checks,
so that is the reason why you can get errors on restore.

> I'm happy, only the backup was corrupted - database was OK.
> But what's to do if database has crashed - i'll never get back the
> data!!!

The backup process is being reworked for FB 2.0, hopefully all the
error checking will be done while performing the backup process,
instead of just during the restore process. And, that the process
would be quicker.

You can also use DBak( to
perform your backups, since DBak copies to a new database to create
the backup, instead of using Firebird's backup service.

I would suggest that you use DBak to backup and restore your current
database, since the error that you are encountering with the restore
might be originating from the database itself. Even if your database
is working fine, it can still have problems. I encountered this kind
of problem just a few weeks ago and DBak helped.

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