Subject IBConsole doesn't work with 1.5
Author dixonepperson
IB_SQL works on both the server and the client. IBConsole will work
on a client machine, but when I try to start it on the server, it
says, "The server has not been started. Would you like to start
it?" If I answer yes it says "Interbase Server is not installed on
your system."

Is this default behavior? Is there a hack around it? I tried to
register the server name, and log in that way, but it then
says, "Unable to complete network request to host "XPROSERVE".
Failed to locate host machine. The specified name was not found in
the hosts file or Domain Name Services."

I should note that xproserv is on a peer to peer, with dhcp through
the router.

Second question -- fbServer is running as a service. FBGuard is not
running at all. Do I need FBGuard to be running and more
specifically, what does it do? With fbServer only, my client apps
are connecting and running at an admirable speed (this with 1.5 rc 5)
so do I need fbGuard?

Dixon Epperson