Subject Always use UNICODE in new databases?
Author peter_jacobi.rm
Despite this not being firebird-flamewars, I'll
like to hear some opinions on akini's UNICODE
issues found in the bug tracker.

I've snipped the items that I've found no-brainers:
- better documentation on UNICODE use
- not only examples without without lc_ctype parameter
- fix the UNICODE_FSS bugs

akini wrote:

Or then just document charset parameter better and
examples should use it (always stating that create new db
with unicode_fss as default charset). It would make
international-aware database life easier.
And maybe it should use
unicode format as implicit default charset for "create
database" command. And change that charset name to a
standardized UTF-8.
And maybe support for real UTF16BE/LE format where chars
are 2 bytes long. This would minimize the client-server
conversions in Java and dotNet environments where
characters always are 2-bytes unicodes.

Peter Jacobi