Subject Re: UNICODE_FSS declared varchar(1) but I can insert three chars???
Author peter_jacobi.rm
Hi mailmur!

--- In, "mailmur" wrote:
> UTF8 format (dont know why FB uses so weird charset name here).

UNICODE FSS was its name in very early proposals for UTF-8, so
you can see how long ago it was introduced in the codebase.

> Question 1)
> I can insert three characters in that column !!!

Yes, this is known bug 789161 in the BugTracker at SourceForge.

> Question 2)
> Is UNICODE_FSS always UTF-8 format, no matter what operating system
> is running Firebird server?

Yes, entire character set is OS independant

> Question 3)
> Is there a workaround to keep my column _one character_ long and
> still support unicode characters in it?

Only for those, who prefer the bloody edge of development:

You can either make the internal character set UNICODE
accessable, which I can't recommend, or you can use
an external character set UTF16BE, I'm just working on, which
I can recommend only slightly more.

If you are interested in the latter option, please look at the
recent thread "UTF-8 vs UTF-16" in firebird-architect and then
contact me if you are still interested.

Peter Jacobi