Subject Interbase 7 Server crashes
Author roblemmens6
We have a document archiving tool that runs with interbase 7.
Sometimes the server crashes and needs to be restarted. At first this
crash occured every half an hour. After a while i noticed that the
windows temp directory was filled with IB_Merge an IB_Sort files a
quick google learned that the IB_Merge files where produced by
interbase but they weren't properly closed so after a while the
server chrashed. There was a patch from borland to fix this. After
installing the patch all seemed to run fine, but after a few hours
another crash occured. Browsing through the temp directory learned
that there were no IB_Merge files so that was really fixed. But there
were a lot of IB_Sort files. My geuss is that the server crashes have
something to do with the sorting of large datasets. Is there someone
with the same problem? or does anyone know how to fix this?