Subject connection still to slow on 1.0.3
Author dixonepperson
the initial connection via a peer to peer network with the database
on a XP Pro machine is still too slow. I was using,
upgraded to and it did improve some.

But it is still too slow. The first connection can take up to 20
seconds to make contact. (at home, I have this same setup where
firebird is on a old win98, 233mhz machine, the connection there
typically takes 2 seconds or less. The only difference is the IP
addresses are static at home, there are only 3 computers on the
network, and I am using a hub instead of a switch)

I still think the problem is with Windoze, not Firebird but here are
some specific questions.

do I need to register the firebird server on each client?
do I need to make any registry settings in the client machines, such
as LegacyAuthenticationLevel=1 in the HKLM\Software\...\ole key?
Is there any special version needed of DCom or Corba on WinSock
needed for this version of Firebird?

All the client machines do have the latest Updates from Microsoft.
The database extension is FDB

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated

Dixon Epperson