Subject Re: pumping very large records (30 megs!)
Author spou
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> FB will (eventually) time out when it fails to get responses for
> requests for a long enough time. When it gives up, the log will
show a
> (Client) type error, with an error code. So it's worth seeing what
> Firebird messages were in the log before the TCP/IP message shows

I get this:
server2 (server) sun aug 17 04:02:45 2003
INET/inet_error:read errno = 10054

server2 (client) sun aug 17 04:02:46 2003
INET/inet_error: send errno = 10054

so apparently, the error starts at the server, but it would also
indicate the the source is the client. does it means anything to you?

> It's an international plot by network admins to assert their
> superiority. You're not exactly the first DBA to get burned by
them, you
> know. :-)

I see. It's a loose - loose situation, darn of you need them, darn
if you dump them. :-(

about modifying the app, I dont think it will be done. locally the
systemes works well, and allow the users to get rid of a lot of
papers (single images - 40K each). The "great idea" is the baby of
only one guy. to be honnest, the fact that it works is good for my
ego and a good puplicity for FB, cause it works well. as the main
use is still single small images, and make them accessible over a
slow (dial up) network (what we really need), then I dont think I'll
change a single line. the slow bandwidth users dont need the large
files anyways. but I need to backup the whole thing anyway.

I'll see what the bad guys in telecom have to say, and keep the
people here posted.