Subject Re: pumping very large records (30 megs!)
Author spou
no, no changes were made, but it is the first time I try to pump my
data from the main to the remote site.

there might be something that allow regular traffic to go tru, but
not my large stuff.

Anyways, I'll talk to the guys today, and see what happens.

--- In, Alan McDonald <alan@m...>
> > Let's say that I'm still open to other suggestions, but Alan's
> > seems something worth investigating.
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > Spou
> Are you saying that recent changes to your WAN have been made?
> In my case, my client was a very important one to telstra so they
> to my logic and there was good logic to back-up my claim. I concede
that if
> either of these two cases where not in place, then I would have had
a much
> tougher time of it. Certainly if there have been recent changes to
> network infrastructure then you are one shot closer...
> Keep us informed as to your progress.
> Alan