Subject Re: pumping very large records (30 megs!)
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I see what you mean.

and, I must be honnest, does not sounds that crazy. The telecom guys
have some sort of unix boxes doing the router/firewall/ect dance
between the 2 LANs. Personnaly, I would have gone with something
from cisco, or other well know brand, but a genius decided to go with
something that I had never heard from, dont remember the name right
now, and honnestly dont care (up until now) because the data was
passing from one point to the other (like email, web, ect)

but with that experience, I might be a start for the solution. I
will give them a ring tomorrow and see what they think. Sure I will
be laught about (hey, I'm just a programmer!), but if I push enough,
then maybe they will listen (as it was in your case)

and yes, if I pump locally (localhost server to localhost server,
server to server (setup a temp server on the same LAN to check), it
works. but server to remote server fails. logically, the reason is
indeed the transport (ie:telecom)

Let's say that I'm still open to other suggestions, but Alan's track
seems something worth investigating.



--- In, Alan McDonald <alan@m...>
> > do you remember the subject of your post, or the approximate date?
> > that would help my research.
> >
> > Thanx for you help,
> This is what happened to me.... I'm not betting this is exactly
your case
> but it may go to show what it might be.
> If you have tested server stability locally, then maybe this (some
of it may
> apply)
> I have had 4 x IB5.6 servers replicating to each other (i.e. 4 x 2-
> replications or 4 x 3 vectors) since early 1998 with out error. The
> replication software is the Paul Beach et al IBReplicator (of
several years
> gone by) firing hourly.
> The network is a mix of LAN/Frame Relay/ISDN over both internal
lines and
> via a TELSTRA provided VPN setup.
> Without my knowledge, at around Christmas 2002, my client was
encouraged to
> switch (perhaps forced) to a TPIPS network link for the most
disparate link.
> When this happened (I have since learned of the timing), the
> stopped in one vector only between only 2 of the servers (i.e. 1
vector of
> the possible 12 vectors)
> After doing many things including reinstalling the TCP/IP transport
layer on
> both ends of this direction, there appeared no solution. I was
finally down
> to forcing TELSTRA to listen to my problem. They did. They sniffed
> attempts to maintain a connection. I could authenticate in the
> direction but I could not sustain the socket connection for even a
> amount of schema (meta) data transport.
> On analysing the packet traffic they realised that, in this one
vector, the
> TPIPS network is forcing packets to be separated, even though the
IB socket
> connection request (or whatever the terminology for it is) has
the "don't
> separate" bit set to true. The TPIPS network is also set
for "diversity"
> which I think means, the route in one direction may not be the same
as the
> reverse direction and possibly, that the packets may not follow the
> route for a single line of communication. Sounds great doesn' it.
> Alan