Subject Loss of connection with database
Author Edson T. Marques

In our database, we have the following structure:

We make a VIEW with JOINS in many TABLES, amongst which, one that has calculated fields as (COMPUTED BY ((select FIELD from TABLE.))... (singleton of course)), and some other fields calculated as in the example:


STATUS COMPUTED BY ((select STATUS from sp_Manutencao_Status (... parameters...)))



- STATUS is the name of the field;

- sp_Manutencao_Status is a Stored-Procedure.

The manipulation of the data with the cited structure, eventually cause the following problem: LOSS OF CONNECTION WITH THE DATA BASE!

It sees the example in link:

We would like to know if the problem is related threads of firebird or if another cause exists, and because the problem happens.

Since already we are grateful!

PS: We use:

- Server Firebird SS Version;

- Delphi7 with IBX version 7.03.

Raphael A. Nunes;
Sector of Development;
Oriontec Systems Inc.;

Edson T. Marques;
Sector of Development;
Oriontec Systems Inc.;

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