Subject Strange problem: inserts failing
Author DataCom - Diego Moreira da Rosa
Hi all,

I am facing a strange problem using Firebird. I have a program in Java that
launch a couple of threads wich, among other things, make some inserts in
the database using JBird. After all the threads have executed, some of the
inserts were really done, but other not (this can be seen looking at the
database). The strange thing is that the call to the method that executes
the update is in fact executed, however there is no changes in the database.
BTW, no exceptions were risen. Another strange thing is that copying the SQL
statement and executing it in a IBConsole, for example, correctly inserts
the records in the database.

Do you know any situation that could make a calling of the executeUpdate
method make no effect in the database and, at the same time, rise no

Diego Moreira da Rosa

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