Subject Re: Re: AW: [firebird-support] Firebird dbExpress driver from
Author Martijn Tonies

> Thomas,

Although I cannot answer for Thomas, I'll add a few of my comments.

> Maybe considered offtopic here.
> But are you facing any problems with DBExpress itself.
> The newsgroups in Borland seemed to be filled with grumbling about
> Are you using DBExpress + upscene driver + Firebird in large applications

Problems with dbExpress can be on different levels -

There's the driver interface - which basically is a COM interface. A
problem can be in the driver - either 3rd party or Borland supplied.
There are differences between D6 and D7 drivers as well.

Next, there's the Delphi/Kylix/CBuilder dbExpress components -
a problem can surface here. Many problems found in these components
have been solved by Thomas and his dbExpressPlus project - you
can find this project on

A third level would be the application level. dbExpress works slightly
different from "regular" database development. dbExpress is fully
uni-directional (D7 offers a TSimpleDataset component, which solves
these problems) so you have to get used to having some kind of
Client-Dataset component or a multi-tier layer with provider components.

Hope this helps.

With regards,

Martijn Tonies
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