Subject Difference between segmented and streamed blobs ?
Author Ryan Baldwin

Could someone explain to me or point me in the direction of infomation
regarding the difference between a streamed blob and a segmented blob. EG
putting isc_bpb_type followed by isc_bpb_type_stream in the BPB or putting
isc_bpb_type followed by isc_bpb_type_segmented in the BPB.

I'm trying to solve a problem with blob handling in jaybirds type 2
support - and cant seem to find any mention of the difference between these
two blob types in the documentation.

What is the default if this is left unspeciified in the BPB ? How might the
different affect the necessary pre-conditions for calls to isc_get_segment
and isc_put_segment if at all ? And any other infomation that would improve
my understanding here would be appreciated.

Perhaps I am missing somthing obvious.