Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Windows FB 1.5-RC5 classic status
Author Milan Babuskov
Andrew Velikoredchanin wrote:
> Alexander V.Nevsky wrote:
>>--- In, Andrew Velikoredchanin
>><andrew@r...> wrote:
>>>I test my big DB on this server (Windows 200 on 2xP3/512Mb RAM) and
>>>problem with deadlock:
>>>"lock conflict on no wait transaction
>>>violation of PRIMARY or UNIQUE KEY constraint "INTEG_980" on table
>>>With IB6, IB7 and FB 1.5-RC5 superserver this problem not present.
>> Andrew, amount of telepathes here is not more than in our NG ;) As I
>>said you earlier, nobody can say anything intelligible while you don't
>>isolate conditions which provides this - statement, triggers on
>>affected tables, procedures called by this triggers, another
>>additional circuimstances if any exists.
> Unfortunately, I am not the developer of this DB, therefore I can not
> result exact characteristics of a DB. :(((

DB or application?

In any case, shouldn't you talk to developer then?

No one can't help you if we don't even know what *exactly* the problem
is. We can just guess, and there can ba a million reasons, so it would
be just a waste of time...

Milan Babuskov