Subject How to find the location of security.fdb for client password changes
Author norgepaul
Hi All,

I'm trying to write an application to allow firebird clients to
change their own passwords. I've found the info on how to do this

I also found some delphi code to encrpyt the password before
updating it in security.fdb here:

The problem I now have is finding the location of the security.fdb
file from a remote client. Currently I have to use the full path
e.g. "\Program Files\Firebird\security.fdb".
Unfortunately I cannot guarantee that Firebird will be installed in
that directory so this method is of no use. I've
also tried "" but the client cannot find the

Does anybody have any idea about how to do this? Has anybody done it

On a slightly different note, is there a way to tell which version
of the Firebird server you are connected to (from the point of view
of the client)?

Thanks in advance,