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Hi Roger

Basically as I understand it, the embedded server is a single user of Firebird, the calling DLL is different.

All the tcp, NetBEUI connections are stripped etc.and the security database is not used.
Also only a win32 version is available.

I have looked at using this for an application for one of my clients , but the only advantage I can see is that you can hide the fact the firebird is your database engine.

In my case I have tried to convince my client that using full firebird is an asset, as they pushed for an embedded version.

Hope this helps



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From: Roger Pullen
Sent: Sunday, August 10, 2003 11:53 AM
Subject: [firebird-support] embedded

Hi all

I often see reference to "embedded server" or similar - what exactly
does this mean in idiot's terms? - is it actually embedding the
server into the exe or what - I am looking for a simple no brainer
way of deploying a single user app without having to worry about
installing servers etc

If it is how does one go about it (Delphi/IBO etc)


Roger P

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