Subject firebird auto shutdown ???
Author Alessandro GARDICH
hi to all ...

i have a strange problem, seem as my firebird
(FirebirdSS- go in shutdown automatically ...

i have some (usually 3 to 7) small application (feeder) that update an
entry (every istance a different one entry) in a table every some
hundreds of milliseconds ...

only one application that listen on a signal from firebird rised by an
after-update trigger on the table used feeder ... then make some
select/calc/update on the database and wait for new a new event.

quite simple ...

sometimes all applications stop, the firebird server that usually use
about 10% of cpu go to 0% and nothing happen, no error, nothing ...
some rare stanment are executed ... about one every 10 20 secs :( ...

somethimes if i do a ./gfix -online all restart,
sometimes nothing happen ...

can someone help me ??? :)

thanks in advance

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