Subject Re: [firebird-support] Domains as data type in PSQL
Author Martijn Tonies

> Thanks for your answer Martijn. Your points are exactly the reason why I
think such
> feature would be so useful, plus the added value of preserving the
modelled bussiness
> logic.

Oh, I agree with you ... :-) ... But I guess it all makes it harder
to create...

Do you know Oracle? 'Cause it allows things like


As a param datatype - this also helps a lot. And yes, these procedures
are compiled as well. But when the EMPLOYEE.EMPLOYEEID
column is changed, the procedure is flagged "invalid" and automatically
re-compiled on the first call - it fails if the column is dropped - or you
can have a decent developer-UI that shows you the invalid procedures
and let's you recompile/change them.

I would like to have an "invalid object" feature in Firebird. I've described
and asked for it in IB as well:

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