Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Can not start sweep thread
Author Ivan Prenosil
From: "skotaylor" <scott@...>

> > intrbase (Server) Sun Jul 6 17:04:02 2003
> > Database: /opt/planning/disp/dispatch.gdb
> > cannot start sweep thread (0)

> > the sweep and the temporary/sorting directory have nothing to
> > do with each other
> What would make you think that? It's the only thing I changed before
> the sweep started working. Why wouldn't sweep want to use temp space?
> > -- there *has* to be another explanation.
> I think so too. Care to make a guess?

Some time ago I searched in source code where "cannot start sweep thread"
error message is generated, and found only single place,
after calling OS API function CreateThread(), so the error is generated
by OS and means exactly what it says (cannot start new thread).

Perhaps you have too small swap file ?
(e.g. if swap file is dynamic, and temporary files are created on the same drive ...)