Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Can not start sweep thread
Author Daniel Rail

At August 6, 2003, 17:24, skotaylor wrote:

> wrote:
>> Actually, since the line starts with '#', this means that the line is
>> commented out -- so it has no effect.

> If this was a bash script I would agree with you, but since it is
> isc_config file someone once mentioned it means the default settings.

Sean is correct in this case. It does mean that it is commented out.
If no TMP parameter is configured, then the default value is used.
Which in this corresponds as to what you have seen as commented out.

> I don't know who or what to believe as nobody seems to be able to come
> up with anything, clearly, documented on this stuff.

>> > > Anyway, I created the tmp directory and sweep runs fine now.
> (in case anyone else runs into this problem)
>> To be honest, I find it very difficult to beleive that this solved
> the problem,

> Me too, but it's working now. Any other theories?

It might be possible that the tmp directory has to be created to be
used. This might be an omission from the install script.

>> the sweep and the temporary/sorting directory have nothing to
>> do with each other

> What would make you think that? It's the only thing I changed before
> the sweep started working. Why wouldn't sweep want to use temp space?

Maybe because it isn't supposed to work that way, unless someone
changed it. Sweep is doing garbage collection and isn't supposed to
require temporary files. The only temporary files I've seen are
related to sorting.

>> -- there *has* to be another explanation.

> I think so too. Care to make a guess?

I think the question would be best answered by the core developers,
those who know the code better.

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