Subject problem with insert
Author dixonepperson
I've been using Firebird with D7 and the IBX components.

Mainly I use the ibDatabase, ibTransaction, ibQuery and ibSQL

I don't know how this works with the ibQuery because I haven't tried
it, but I have a small insert statement.

We were putting inventory in, probably a total of 260 items. On the
first pass, it missed about 30 of them. No apparent reason. On the
second pass it got them all in.

Now I begin the transaction, run through the insert 260 times, then
commit the transaction

Here are my Q's
1. Is there an effective limit on the number of transaction before
calling commit,
2. would ibQuery be more reliable in this situation than ibSQL
3. Should I slow this down, am I flooding the database. The record
length is 65 bytes, so this really is small.

Note, on the second pass, the way my program is written, all matching
data is discarded, only the new records are inserted so we put in the
30 that didn't make it the first time through.

last question - would moving to fb 1.5 rc5 help? see my next post if
it would