Subject Re: [firebird-support] Redirecting GBAK output to the standard output
Author Olivier Mascia
Noel Cosgrave wrote:

> I am using -V but the messages are not being written to STDOUT. If they were, I could pipe them into a file or (in this case) capture them and display them in Delphi, and I can not do this. Any attempt to use piping still results in the messages being displayed onscreen.

Noel, they're indeed written to STDERR.
On Windows 2000 and XP, gbak ... -v >gbak.log does write *nothing* to
gbak.log but on screen.
On the other hand, gbak ... -v 2>gbak.log redirect everything to the file.

That should get you started.
Opening the STDERR equivalent of the C library for read with Delphi
should get you what you need.

Olivier Mascia