Subject [firebird-support] Re: Which Character Set and Collate Order to use for Croatian language.
Author Ales Smodis
peter_jacobi.rm wrote:
> In practice 1) you must decide your own, which better
> matches your needs and 2) unless someone has a collation
> hidden in dark corners, only Czech collation is ready
> for ISO-8859-2, whereas WIN1250 has not Croation but
> Slovensko (PXW_SLOV), which may or may not be the right one.

I don't know how the Slovenian (PXW_SLOV) collation is implemented, but
the Croatian alphabet has two additional characters to the Slovenian
(which also show up on Slovenian keyboards, a heritage of the times when
we were all in Yugoslavia, so maybe PXW_SLOV could be working for
Croatian collation also): ć (c with acute) and đ (d with stroke), and I
think it is the same as the Bosnian and Serbian latin alphabet (meaning
it employs the same collation rules). Maybe some more CE or EE countries
use the same collation, meaning that the required collation can be found
under some other name?

Since I'm a bit dissatisfied there isn't a Slovenian collation for
ISO-8859-2 (and am thus using WIN1250), I want to educate myself in what
would be required to do to implement one for Firebird. Could someone
please point me in the right direction?