Subject Keep that OAT moving
Hi List,

After seeing some of the recent posts in the list. I realise "I dont know

The burning issue right now is the correct way to retrieve data and make sure
that the OAT doesnt get stuck.

I will describe my app (It is a mail cum discussion forum app). It is an MDI
app. There is mail window. There is a discussion forum window.

I need a TDataset (I am using a TDataset compatible grid for various reasons)
for each of these screens. This is a display only dataset. User may request a
refresh or there may be a timer based or event based refresh of this screen.

There is a another screen which allows the user to open an particular record to
see all the details. I would like to bind this to the same dataset so that the
user can scroll with next and previous seeing all the details.

There is another screen which basically has to insert data into the database. (
TDataSet components again)

Would be grateful if somebody would give me some kind of skeleton for
retrieving and updating data appropriately for this. The emphasis is on what
needs to be done to make sure that OAT is not getting stuck and it is the
fastest way to do thing.