Subject Shutting down a database
Author Juan Pedro López Sáez
Hello everybody,

I would like to shut down a database from a java application. I'm using
Jaybird, a well known Firebird java driver.

This driver allows to pass isc_dpb parameters by appending them to the
connection string.

I can effectively shut down the database with the following connection


I get a database connection that performs isc_dpb_shutdown in force mode
and isc_dpb_shutdown_delay with a 60 seconds argument.

The problem comes when I want to bring the database on line. It is
supposed to work with the following connection string:


So I close the old database connection and get a new one that performs
isc_dpb_online, but the database is still shut down after that.

Does anybody know what I should do to bring the database on line?

Thank you in advance.

Juan Pedro Lopez

Juan Pedro López Sáez