Subject Re[2]: [firebird-support] Which CHARSET to use?
Author Carlos H. Cantu
In Brazil we have accent characters like áüöãàéôâíç,etc.

In my programs I use Win1252 and it works OK.


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PS> On Wed, 2003-07-30 at 13:27, Lou wrote:
>> Help!
>> I need to standardize on one charset when using Firebird/IB. I used
>> to use NONE, but I am thinking I need to pick something that I can at
>> least user anywhere in the western hemisphere. So, should I stick
>> with ASCII or perhaps be daring and choose Win1250 or Win1251 or
>> Win1252? My apps for the most part run in the US only.

PS> Applications for North America, should really support the three North
PS> American official languages, English, French and Spanish. The Western
PS> hemisphere adds Portuguese to the mix.

PS> I'll leave it for one of our Brazilian friends to tell us if there are
PS> extra characters to support Portuguese that are not supported already by
PS> English, French and Spanish.

PS> Paul

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