Subject Interbase stop connections whith lock V4_LOCK_GRANT_ORDER=1 - Firebird too?
Author Omar Rosa

Server DELL, PIII 1.4gb, 512Mb, SCSI 20Gb, w2000, IB 6.02
I have 8 local connections, and 22 external connections thru zebedee, and 4 external whitout zebedee,
At least 8 databases are connected.
The external connection is over public Internet, 128Kbps frame relay.

I use a replication application it prepare 25 tables in inicialization, and make some sql at every 30s.
If an connection error occurs, the application abort, and self reinitiate.

Sometimes the Interbase no open new connections and stop to respond the opened connections.
Every last 20 days this occurs at 16:00 PM.
If I Stop the zebedee, or restar Interbase, or disable/enable the network card, the situation go to normal, but in some minutes stopĀ“s again.
I study documentation and change on ibconfig the parameter V4_LOCK_GRANT_ORDER to 0.
The Interbase is running normaly now.

I think in parameter V4_LOCK_GRANT_ORDER = 1, the server still wait to lock writes indefinity while the priorty to lock reads.
How I write above, the replication application reiniates when an connection error occurs, causing the havy traffic of reads.

I'm right, in my conclusion?

This can occurs in firebird?

By the way, I try to use FB 1.03, but "invalid file handle" happens when oppening *.gdb files, and I return to Interbase installation.

Best regards!



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