Subject Re: Error: Event Processing at Linux
Author ynnorsystems
That sounds bad. my boss want to run 1.0.x only. no (unstable) RCs in
Production Environments.

This is very strange...

--- In, Ales Smodis <aless@z...> wrote:
> ynnorsystems wrote:
> > used the tarball. copied the database and clients using 1.0.3 now. the
> > problem is not solved...
> >
> > "failed to establish a secondary connection for event processing"
> >
> > Strange thing is, that the same version under SuSE 7.2 Enterprise
> > Server is running, under Debian Woody not.
> I had exactly the same problem: Firebird 1.0.3 (from tarball), Debian
> 3.0 (woody), and a windows client. Windows client used the gds32.dll
> from the Firebird 1.0.3 windows' release so I strongly believe there
> nothing wrong here. I tried the server on one Debian computer and it
> gave me that error. I did a fresh minimalistic install (no firewall
> support/utilities etc.) of Debian and still the same error. I installed
> Slackware 9 and suddenly everything was fine.
> My first assumption was there is some weird bug in Firebird (or maybe
> Debian, or maybe both) so I tried out the 1.5 version (had to
compile it
> first) and with it everything worked normally under Debian. As I don't
> suffer from the explicit Firebird version requirement I was content
> the solution. ;)
> Otherwise I have no idea what is going on and I can't spare the
> resources to go on the wild goose chasing. The first thing that
comes to
> mind is that firewalling chains somehow block certain packets, but I
> couldn't find any evidence of that.
> I did some digging on the subject and found out that Firebird 1.0.x
> supposedly binds the socket for event connection to a certain network
> interface (or address) and this was the problem with computers with
> than one network adapters (IPs) when connections are coming in on more
> adapters. Now it occured to me that perhaps the order in which Debian
> configures network interfaces/addresses (localhost comes to mind) plays
> a role here, but I haven't researched this as I already had fb 1.5 RC
> running with no errors. :]
> -AlesS